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Equal Time (well, not quite) for Andy Taylor's other Deputy Sheriff on The Andy Griffith Show

#010 Reverse #010

This is the only Warren photo I've seen, save for the case for discs 3 & 4 of the Season Six DVD box set (and the glorious screen shots on this website, of course), that is in color. A larger 8 1/2" by 5 1/2" version can be found in Mayberry Memories by Ken Beck and Jim Clark, pg. 155. The scene is from the epilogue of The Bazaar where Warren admits he was wrong about the bingo restrictions and just before he learns about the possibly more egregious moral violation of the kissing booth. The quote on the reverse of the card is from an earlier part of the episode after the bingo ladies leave on a suspended sentence and Andy and Warren believe they had dodged a jail cell full of blue-haired bullets.

#10 Andy and Warren on Call

Andy once said, "Warren's not a rare case--a rare bird, maybe, but not a rare case."

Warren has Andy sized up pretty well, too. He tells Andy that, in the grand cosmic scheme of things, "You're nothing but a tiny dot, a speck, a minute insignificant nothing. But I'm proud to call you my friend."

Andy can afford to be mighty proud, too.

#073 Reverse #073

Hmmm, this card looks vaguely familiar... Anyway, this photo is also from The Bazaar during the scene where Warren fills out the permit with Aunt Bee for the ladies' auxiliary bazaar. The full photo that includes an ungrateful Aunt Bee bitching at poor Warren about it can be found in Mayberry Memories by Ken Beck and Jim Clark, pg. 155 and The Andy Griffith Show Book: From Miracle Salve to Kerosene Cucumbers by the same authors, pg. 58.

#73 Warren Ferguson

Despite the fact that the girls back in his native Boston "were all over me," Warren Ferguson (Jack Burns) comes to Mayberry to replace his hero, Barney Fife, as deputy. His sixteen weeks at the Sheriff's Academy (where he graduated fourth in his class) apparently paid off in landing the job. Of course, it didn't hurt that his uncle was Mayberry barber Floyd Lawson.

Like Barney, Warren is diligent. "Efficiency is a deputy's duty," he says. Still, he finds time to read Perry Mason stories and watch Fred Astaire movies. He also enjoys mosaics and is an accomplished sleepwalker.

#138 Reverse #138

My favorite of the five Warren cards. Warren has such a sweet expression here, plus it is a photo I have yet to see anywhere else. I am glad a photo from this scene was used for the Season Six DVD case. This scene is again from The Bazaar (Warren was in other episodes, card makers). Andy is explaining to Warren that the ladies' auxiliary has put on bazaars without permits from 18 years to which Warren responds, "18 wrongs don't make a right; that's a saying, Andy." This photo must be from an alternate take, as, in the scene, Andy does not rest his arm on the phone as he does here.

#138 Andy and Warren on Call

The phone at the Courthouse could ring any minute, and Andy and Warren would be ready to handle any problem. As often as not, Warren is likely to be part of the problem.

When he arrests the entire Ladies' Auxiliary for illegal gambling (Bingo), Warren follows in Barney's sizable footsteps by trying to enforce every law on the books.

#224 Reverse #224

Well, at least this photo is not from The Bazaar. Unfortunately, it is a very common photo found in such books as Mayberry Memories by Ken Beck and Jim Clark, pg. 159 and (in a close-up version) I'm Proud to Call You My Friend by the same authors, no page numbers, but towards the back. The scene, of course, is from The Legend of Barney Fife when Barney is urged by Warren to help track down an escaped con (Warren has already strapped a holster on his wirey hero) after Barney's fuel pump falls off.

#224 The Legend Returns

Deputy Warren Ferguson idolizes his predecessor when he returns for a visit ("The Legend of Barney Fife," Episode #177). And it's not because Barney now drives a 1960 Edsel (with a '61 grille).

It's also not Barney's car that thrills Goober. And it's especially not the fuel pump, which Barney has Goober put on and take off so often that Goober's "fittin'" to be tied.

#326 Reverse #326

I like the gambling-related title to this card. It's another Bazaar scene, but it is at least a photo I have not seen elsewhere. It is the scene where Andy traps Warren into tearing up his citation against the ladies' auxiliary after he agrees to Andy's bet of $1 that his case against the ladies will not hold up in a jury trial.

#326 Pair of Aces

When Warren arrests Aunt Bee and other members of the Ladies Auxiliary for gambling (actually, an innocent Bingo game fundraiser). Andy resolves the situation by tricking Warren into a friendly backroom wager of his own ("The Bazaar," Episode #162).

You can bet that Andy's gamble pays off.

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