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Sing it: "You've got a look like
Hen-ry Wal-thall in your eyes"


Samples From My Collection


Playing Cards, circa 1916
It's in the cards, Henry is King of Hearts.
No, wait...he's 6 of Spades(?).


Postcard, circa 1920s


Advertisement Postcard
Postcard promoting the 1916 serial Strange Case of Mary Page


Silent Film Stars Charm Bracelet


Bracelet Charm
Henry Walthall, a "charming" fellow


Autographed photo
I got this autograph in person . . . Just kidding.


Variety Cover
On the cover of Variety December 6, 1918 for the film False Faces


Cover Boy
Henry B. Walthall made the cover of the December 1916 issue of Motion Picture Classic.


Cover Boy
Henry on the cover of Camera! January 14, 1922.
What do the above three covers have in common?
Henry isn't featured in any of those magazines.
It seems odd to have the person on the cover of a magazine not
actually be in the magazine, but that seemed to be the trend back then.


False Faces Postcard
Too sexy for this website. Handsome postcard
promoting False Faces. The image, however, is
actually from The Long Lane's Turning according
to an obituary photo montage.


Long Arm of Mannister Lobby Card
Henry B. Walthall played the leading role in the 1919 film The Long Arm of Mannister.
One of five lobby cards I have for the film.


Publicity Papers
Publicity papers for Police Court and Freedom of the Press


Devil Doll Lobby Card
Awesome Devil Doll lobby card.


Brown Eyes?
The closest thing to seeing Henry B. Walthall in full color!


Glass slide advertising the 1919 film Modern Husbands


Love Trader Lobby Card
A bit too large for the scanner but you get the idea. Sweet looking
lobby card for the 1930 "All Talking" picture The Love Trader.


Lobby Cards
Part of my lobby card collection. Top-down on left are cards for
Boy of Mine, The Unknown Soldier, and The Mine with the Iron
; top-down on the right are cards for Boy of Mine (again),
Judge Priest, and The Devil Doll. The centerpiece of the display
is a beautiful poster promoting The Strange Case of Mary Page;
the portrait of Henry alone measures 17" x 22".


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