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New update for Walthall's Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (photos taken 8-28-14).
Also, see photos of his former residence in Beverly Hills.


Ben Cameron
Henry B. Walthall in his most notable role: as Ben Cameron, the
"Little Colonel," in D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation. From the photoplay.


Who worked with such legends as...

Death's Marathon
D. W. Griffith
Avenging Conscience
Blanche Sweet
Birth of a Nation
Lillian Gish
The Road to Mandalay
Lon Chaney
Ride Him, Cowboy
John Wayne
Chandu the Magician
Bela Lugosi
Men in White
Clark Gable
Judge Priest
Will Rogers
Dante's Inferno
Spencer Tracy
The Devil Doll
Lionel Barrymore
China Clipper
Humphrey Bogart
Tale of Two Cities
Himself (He's a legend, too, of course)


Disclaimer: This site is unofficial and run by a single fan (of no relation to the actor) who was disappointed to see so little of Henry B. Walthall in cyberspace. As far as I know, this tribute site is the only webpage devoted solely to the great silent star. If any Walthall relatives happen upon this site, I mean no disrespect in any of the comments (particularly the captions under the screen shots on the film review pages). Thanks for viewing this site--M. W. (The "W" does not stand for "Walthall")


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This site was born on December 15, 2001. Last updated on January 10, 2015.

Last Update (January 10, 2015) Photos taken on August 28, 2014 of Walthall's Star on the Walk of Fame.

Previous Updates
(January 8, 2014) Photos taken on October 17, 2013 of Walthall's Star on the Walk of Fame and crypt at Hollywood Forever cemetery.
(May 31, 2011) Photos and a video tour from a recent visit to Hollywood Forever Cemetery and Beverly Hills added.
(September 6, 2010) New magazine added to the Contemporary Articles page (Motion Picture Classic, February, 1916).
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(September 20, 2009) Review for The Sorrows of the Unfaithful added to the Silents 1909-1910 page. Link to ReelClassicDVD.com added to links page.
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(September 3, 2009) Review and screenshot for the 1909 short A Strange Meeting added.
(August 28-31, 2009) Release dates added to the film reviews with films placed in proper order. New reviews for Central Park and The Lemon Drop Kid added.
(August 4, 2009) Added the article "The Little Colonel Carries On" by Gladys Hall to the Contemporary Articles page and the screenshot and review for the 1934 film A Girl of the Limberlost.
(July 26, 2009) Cover photo for Camera! magazine added to the Memorabilia page, a Lillian Gish quote about her work with Walthall in The Scarlet Letter added to the review.
(July 22, 2009) Catching up on adding some stuff I've had for awhile. A magazine cover photo and a couple new entries added to the Contemporary Articles page, a photo and entry for another obit added to the Obits page, publicity papers added to the Memorabilia page.
(July 17, 2009) New page on my Hollywood trip with photos of Henry B. Walthall's crypt at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
(May 24, 2009) Link to new tribute page for Gustav von Wangenheim. Nosferatu, Warning Shadows, and Woman in the Moon image galleries completed, biography in the works.
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(October 28, 2003): Biography completed with more convenient links. Bibliography pages completed.
(October 22 & 23, 2003): Biography expanded into three parts. Two parts completed, the third started.
(September 16, 2003): A screen shot for every Walthall flick I have is now available on the film review pages.


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